Bold Account Coordinator Says Fuck it and Reaches Out to Client Directly

Bold Account Coordinator Says Fuck it and Reaches Out to Client Directly

Boulder, CO – Mark Markson, coordinator at local ad agency Revenue Factory, directly reached out to a client yesterday without approval from his supervisor. 

“I thought about asking my supervisor if I could email the client reports directly, but fuck that,” Mark said smugly, invigorated from his newfound freedom. “I’ve been a coordinator for 4 years and finally feel up to reaching out to Karen [brand coordinator at Target], directly.”

After a carefully crafted email, with keen attention to detail around diction and pacing, the coordinator interrupted the people near him to ask, “Does this sound okay? Like do you think Karen will understand this?”

 Upon eight thorough read-throughs for spelling and grammar, Markson sent the email without an attachment. Upon receipt, Karen audible asked, “Who the fuck is this again?”

“This is great.” Steinmark’s direct supervisor was floored. “I mean, it took me almost 6 years to send my first client email. But I’m mostly happy because we have a place for Mark to start dumping billable hours.”

Adweek reported painstakingly self-conscious emails from agency coordinators account for about 20% of quarterly revenues. A number that’s set to rise with the influx of post-graduate English majors forgoing lucrative careers in teaching for agency account coordinator positions.

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