Agency Execs Ban 2nd Job During Work from Home Hours

Agency Execs Ban 2nd Job During Work from Home Hours

Agency executives at RevenueFactory recently banned employees from taking second jobs during work from home hours. The work from home policy is rooted in human resource philosophies from Silicon Valley start-ups, with the goal of giving employees flexible work environments.

“Listen,” says agency founder Steve Stevensen, “When we started this thing it was all about leaving work early and telling people, ‘I’ll be online in 30 minutes,’ or sleeping til noon but keeping Gchat enabled. Maybe stealing away an hour here or there, tops.”

Little did Stevensen know, most employees enable smart auto responder apps for incoming emails/alerts, while taking more meaningful day jobs as chefs, artists and school teachers.

If clients can’t tell the difference, most employees don’t see a problem.

“Our bosses are such Hitlers,” exclaimed one employee. “It’s my right what I do with my time. I can’t believe the expectations at this place.”

Chuck Charles sees both sides. As a boss, he understands he should put in at least a few days in the office a  week, and on the other days he tries to read most of his emails.

“Every Wednesday for the past few years I’ve been getting migraines that hurt from 9-12, so I have to sleep those off,” says Charles. “Then the rest of the day, I’m work from home at the grocery store, gym, ski slopes, I’ll literally work from home anywhere.”

In fact, AdAge recently released a top places to work from home list. Among the 100s of Boulder’s best agencies, here were the top 10 places to work from home:

Hiking Sanitas
Driving Boulder Canyon on the way home from Eldora
During job interviews at any of the Mountain Sun properties
Binge drinking at Upslope
Finishing an undergrad degree at DU
People watch at OZO with every intention to actually work, but never accomplishing a single task.
At a Red Rocks concert
Snot nosed kid’s soccer practice at Fairview High
Goat Yoga

We want to hear from you. Let us know where you work from home the best!

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