Media Manager – Job Opening

Echo Boomer Design / Media Manager – Job Opening

The Media Manager is responsible for digital media campaigns from start to finish. Key tasks include research and strategy, building media plans and client presentations, and campaign trafficking, tagging, management, monitoring, and reporting. An understanding of how ads become live is critical, and a working knowledge of ad serving technology, DSPs, tracking and buying platforms is preferred.

Core tasks include: 
Campaign planning and set up within core media platforms (Facebook, Google, Brandzooka, TradeDesk, etc.).
Creative direction, recommendation and quality assurance.
Initial campaign reporting set up and ongoing insights, including spend tracking and KPI monitoring.
Communicate and manage daily and future client needs.

Bachelor’s degree
Strong academic record
1+ year of previous digital planning experience preferred
Experience running campaigns across Google Display Network, Facebook Business Manager or in-house ad-network tools
Genuinely good person wanting to be a part of something from the ground up

About Echo:
We’re passionate about engaging consumers through a unique brand voice grounded in meaningful and strategic research that drives ROI. Just kidding. Anyone who says that kind of thing is full of shit.

We like advertising for clients who don’t take themselves too seriously. We like working with well rounded people who have hobbies. If we drive sales, great, that’s typically how it goes if you care about solving problems instead of writing big sentences.

We like the cutting edge, but not the bloody, cutting edge. Even dressing is good with a few bites of salad. Weird joke. Our point is advertisers are held too tightly to the whim of rising trends like big data or VR – so much that it’s a circus. Everyone knows it doesn’t take Gordon Ramsey to make a damn salad. You need a thoughtful concept before you dress it up with distractions.

We work in one of the most rewarding careers out there. Our passion breaths that sentiment. We just don’t like working with jerks. If we were copywriters we’d say, “jerk clients are jerks”.

Guess we’re not copywriters.

Ultimately, we’re happy we get to think critically everyday. We’re happy to work with great clients and companies. We’re happy to be hardworking team members and we’re happy to take direction or give it. We’re eager to continue to learn and grow, and lead others in their path towards professional fulfillment. We’re not changing the world. We’re just a bunch of big kids trying let people know about the great stuff we make. By the way, have you seen it? (These folks have)

The Kitchen
The Kitchen Next Door
The Office of Kimbal Musk
Hyatt Hotels
Boulder County Farmer’s Market
Hanuman Festival
Interact on Shelf
Huwa Reserve
Delta Nutrassential
SunWellness Inc.

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