Wrong Font in Email Signature Results in Loss of Agency’s Largest Client

Wrong Font in Email Signature Results in Loss of Agency’s Largest Client

Boulder, CO – Agency account lead Gabe Gabriel loses largest client due to wrong font in email signature. Renegade account lead Gabe Gabriel carelessly fired off countless emails to brand manager at Greed House, with no regard for agency standards in his email signature. Gabriel’s email signature blatently featured Calibri instead of Garamond, and the client could sniff out the unprofessionalism of the fat kerning and obtuse letter spacing.

“Listen,” said Chris Christensen, “We need an agency that’s buttoned the fuck up. If their email signatures are all over the place you can only image what that means about their media management.”

The very public split puts Gabriel at odds with the entire advertising industry, currently left blacklisted from all agencies.

“It was a dumb oversight,” says Gabriel. “I only have myself to blame.”

A source close to the matter says Gabriel is contemplating less mentally demanding work, where his devil-may-care attitude is less of a liability. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of options.

These days brands will put up with a lot, but inconsistent email signatures are indefensible. “Believe it or not, our research shows that 60 years ago emails didn’t have signatures,” says industry expert Phil Philson. “Look at us now. Email signatures are one of the most important hallmarks of a successful client service relationship and one of the most important issues keeping clients awake at night.”

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